canadian puregas equipment limited


Canada, U.S.A.:
Canadian Puregas Equipment Limited
Head Office & Plant
P.O. Box 280
8410 Hwy 3
Dunnville, Ontario
N1A 2X5
Tel: 905-774-8600
Fax: 905-774-6974
Toll Free: Canada & U.S.A. @ 800-787-3547
e-mail Canadian Puregas

Ingolf Plath
(monitoring systems, pressure systems, general product enquiries, exports and training) e-mail Ingolf

General Manager:
Lora Murphy
(orders, sales and delivery enquiries) e-mail Lora

Product Manager:
(technical assistance, product enquiries) e-mail Chris

Rich Prior
(product supply, delivery) e-mail Rich

Agents and Distributors

China & Asia:
Great Eagle Enterprise Inc.
Vancouver Head Office
Tel: 604-273-3998
Fax: 604-321-5979 e-mail Great Eagle

Costa Rica:
Technicorp S.A.
San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel: 506-2253-6086
Fax: 506-2224-4436
e-mail Technicorp

Suminstros Industriales, S.A.
Panama City, Panama
Tel: 507-270-2400
Fax: 507-270-2329
e-mail Suministros Industriales

Grupo Comunicaciones
Mexico D.F.
Tel: 586-8555
Fax: 368-3832
e-mail Grupo Comunicaciones

All other countries:
Canadian Puregas Equipment Limited
Toronto, Canada
Tel: 905-774-8600
Fax: 905-774-8612
e-mail Canadian Puregas for exports

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